Scale Nashville is a competitive training program exclusively for Middle Tennessee’s small businesses. This six-month program assists growth-oriented small businesses grow revenue, build staff, and expand services.


The program will be split into three sections: evaluating your business model, streamlining your operations and building your leadership skills.

The first section of the program will dive into the basics of your business. What is your value proposition? Are you structured for success? What challenges and obstacles do you face?

Next, you will take a look at the day to day operations of your business and how they can be improved. This section will take a look at the internal aspects of your business.

Lastly, you will be guided through leadership training that will help you with managing the interpersonal aspects of your business, whether that be with clients, employees or vendors.

One advantage of this program is the ability to focus on your business by taking a small step back and viewing things from the outside in. This perspective is invaluable for small business owners looking toward significant growth.

Each month will include 3 weekly meetings. The first will be a workshop or lecture that introduces you to the concepts being discussed. Next, you will have a chance to dive deeper into those concepts and begin implementing them in your business. The third meeting will be a roundtable discussion among your fellow cohort members about you real-world experiences.

You and your fellow cohort members will become close, as this program is as much about building relationships as it is about the curriculum. These relationships can be valuable financially and otherwise as your business continues to thrive.